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We undertake the development: PLC software programming, touch screen development, PC development (based on windows), hardware development and other automation product design and cooperative development projects. Have experienced programmable hardware and software development capabilities, in a timely manner to provide the appropriate technical information services and improve after-sales service; as long as you put forward the functional requirements of the product, or even just a concept, we can design the product the control circuit And mechanical structure according to the request , to achieve the function you want.

To undertake the project:

1, all kinds of digital, analog circuit design development and production
2, all kinds of SCM project development, CPLD, FPGA, ARM product development and production
3, industrial automation equipment development, technological innovation, transformation services and technical support
4, industrial Project of data collection, communications, data processing program design, board production
5, GPRS, GPS system-related product software, hardware design
6, industrial, commercial and home use software design
7, circuit board batch welding, debugging services

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