Remote Control Motorized Curtain Tracks

Remote Control Electric Curtain Tracks.
The curtain length is easy to customize by cutting the extra length off.
The tracks only apply to straight windows, or L-shaped ones with two or more straight sides by using multiple motors, but NOT for bay-windows.

Simple Control:

◦One remote can operate 8 sets of units without interference each other.
◦Open and close the window curtain by remote control, control pad, wall switch, or timers.
◦Contact closure control for integrated systems.
◦Automatic stop in 2 seconds when the curtain is fully opened or closed.
◦Can also stop at any intermediate position.
◦Can be operated manually while power is off.
◦Suitable for children (safe) or elders (convenient).

Easy Installation:

◦Designed for DIYer.
◦No requirements of electricians since it is drive
◦Simple and easy installation with driver and control system in one box.

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