DIY Steps of Making Computer Remote Control Receiver Circuit

When you are lying in bed, watching the movie with a computer, the phone rang ……… helpless had to run to pause the movie, then come back to answer the phone, or it would be a pity missed the wonderful story ? How nice if we can remote control a computer , so lying in bed can operate the computer, give us great convenience enjoy the movies and music. Now the TV card is equipped with a remote control and integrated receiver, you can achieve a remote control to change channels of TV / computer, but can’t we realize the remote control it without a TV card ?

DIY Computer remote control receiver circuit.

First, we have to use the infrared (not a radio remote control) to make the computer remote control, the general TV, DVD player remote control can be used, if the hand do not have idle remote control, you can purchase on the small commodity market, the general TV remote control can be used, priced at tens of dollars. Note that instead of using an air-conditioned remote control, although it is also infrared-fired, it will send all the current state of the air conditioner (mode, temperature, wind speed, wind direction) after each key press, resulting in a long code string , Will lead to software identification error.

After comparison, we chose the Girder (v3.3.7) the remote control software, it is fully functional, and support plug-in plug-in to support the new remote control receiver and the new operation, can be said from the function, “only can not think of, not do not To “. In addition to daily operations, in addition to the slide show if the use of remote control, the speaker can be freed from the computer next to the audience with a more flexible and intimate interaction, to achieve better display.

After comparison, we chose the remote control software Girder (v3.3.7) , it is fully functional, and support plug-in to support the new remote control receiver and the new operation, can be said from the function, “only can not think of, not do not To “. In addition to daily operations, in addition to the slide show if the use of remote control, the speaker can be freed from the computer next to the audience with a more flexible and intimate interaction, to achieve better display.

Computer remote control receiver circuit

Figure 1 computer remote control receiver circuit

The circuit solution for our remote control receiver is taken from Girder’s third-party plug-in: “SFH-56 plugin for Girder”. The circuit diagram (Figure 1) is simple to only six components, and can directly remove the light-emitting diode (power indicator) and 100Ω protection resistor to further simplify the circuit. The main components are infrared remote control receiver head, 5V regulator tube (1 / 4W), LED, 9-pin serial connector, resistance (3.3KΩ and 100Ω each), electrolytic capacitor (0.1μF, 10V or more), universal printed circuit Plate, wire (at least 3 core) and battery box (as the shell) etc.

As long as there is the ability to weld a simple circuit, in accordance with the circuit diagram, the circuit can be quickly completed.

Test the remote control
After testing, the receiver’s effection range about 7 meters,and high sensitive. We choose an idle desk speaker remote control.
remote control

Soft setting
The following settings of the soft is important.
First, we need to copy the plugin “SFH-56 plugin for Girder”(file name “igor SFH-56P lug.dll”) to the Girder plugin install catalog, then enter into Girder, click the settings in the file menu, in the Setting windows’ User Interface tab page, choose a language you prefer, click the ‘Apply’ button.
In the “Plug-ins” tab, select “Igor SFH-56 device”, confirm.
Again into this position, click “plug-in” tab in the “Settings” button, pop up a Igor Config window, which according to the actual situation select COM1 or COM2 port.
Click “OK” to exit, the setting work is completed.

Next, we can add commands according to their needs, here, we select some of the representative command for your reference, the rest can be by analogy.

Common operation: Right-click on the command area of the left side of on the Girder window and select Add command. Select the action to be performed, click the “Learn Event” button in the upper right corner, and then press the remote control button you want to define as the function above. The received infrared command code appears in the dark red bar area.

Such as “1D807A85”, and the same operation can learn many times to support multiple remote control; Finally, in the “anti-key repeat waiting time” column filled 200, so that ignore the button command within 200 ms, to prevent repetitive operations.

Function test

1. Run the program. Here in Media Player Classic, for example, click on the right operating area “System” tab, select the “execution” in the drop-down menu , click “Browse” button in the pop-up window, select the file to open our respective directory “mplayerc. Exe “, and finally click” Apply “button.
2. Simulate the keys of keyboard. The first few steps like above, but click on the right side of the “keyboard” tab, in the “sentence” textbox enter the simulation keys, according to our need decide whether to select Ctrl, Shift or Alt, if you can not define the key, you can choose In the “special keys” drop-down menu, in particular, should pay attention to the return key is “RETURN” instead of “Enter”. With the hotkey function of the play software, by the button simulation can be achieved video / audio file play / pause / next / fast forward / full screen and other functions.
3. Change the volume. Open the drop-down menu in the “System” tab , select “adjust the volume”, click the right side of the “volume” button.
Select “Master Volume”, click OK button.
“Step” fill in “2621” (2621 on behalf of an increase in volume, -2621 on behalf of a lower volume), and check the “OSD”.
In a similar way can also achieve the mute function.

4. CD-ROM tray Popup / close. This is a group of reciprocal operation, it is simple if setting two buttons on the remote control, but to define and occupy a button more, it would be better if we operate them in the same button, and another button could be used to define other operations. The same button to define the two turns operations, there are some differences in the settings, first , use of “add command group” rather than “add command”, and then add another command in the group, to facilitate identification , rename it,like “popup” (no effect on the function), and then in the “system” tab, select “pop-up media”, and in the “file” text box fill in the CD drive letter (Just write letters, do not colon), click the command.
Press “F6” to pop up an “Adjust Command Response Order” window, change “Maximum Status” to “2” and “Initial Status Value” to “1”.
In addition, in the command group to add a command, named “screen pop-up”, click the “Girder” tab, select “Simple OSD”, in the following “icon / device” text box to write ‘CD-ROM POPUP’ A kind of reminder.
The “maximum state value” and the “initial state value” also set to “2” and “1”, respectively. Because the commands in the same command group are executed sequentially, drag the Screen-Pop command to the pop-up command, let the reminder show before popping up the tray. Similarly, create a close CD-ROM command, but the “pop-up media” change to “load media” and the “maximum state value” and “initial state value” change to “2” and “2”.
The same way to establish CD-ROM close reminder, the “maximum state value “and” initial state value ” are ” 2 “,” 2 “. Finally, select the command group, click “learn the command”, the operation defined to the remote control button, note to set the “anti-button repeat wait time” more than 1000 milliseconds, or will continue to execute the pop-up and shutdown commands, Completed. Thus, when the defined drive eject / close button is pressed, the status value is cycled between 1 and 2, and a status message is displayed on the screen.

5. Mouse operation. From the drop-down menu of the “Mouse” tab , select the needed function, setting, including the mouse movement, click, double-click and mouse wheel operation, the category move / scroll should set the step size of the every time move (in pixels) in the text box .


In short, Girder support diverse operation, with plug-in support, not only in response to remote control operation, but also support the game controller and keyboard. Many more useful, fun features wait us to explore, to create.



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