Types of Remote Control Technology

Remote Controls Automation System OEM

Remote control is a technology for controlling or monitoring the objects in a distance.
Usually used wireless channel transmit the control information (commands), and also could transmit or control by Photoelectric communication or wired electrical communication.
Here we descript some of the most common types of remote controls and the remote control technology used.

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DIY Steps of Making Computer Remote Control Receiver Circuit

When you are lying in bed, watching the movie with a computer, the phone rang ……… helpless had to run to pause the movie, then come back to answer the phone, or it would be a pity missed the wonderful story ? How nice if we can remote control a computer , so lying in bed can operate the computer, give us great convenience enjoy the movies and music. Now the TV card is equipped with a remote control and integrated receiver, you can achieve a remote control to change channels of TV / computer, but can’t we realize the remote control it without a TV card ?

DIY Computer remote control receiver circuit.
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FAQ – Electric Curtain Track and Roller Blind

Frequent Asked Questions

  1. Q: What is included in the package?
    A: It almost includes all the parts and accessories for the electric curtain system except for the curtain fabric. Please see more details from the Parts & Accessories.
  2. Q: Why do you exclude the fabric?
    A: We are specialist in manufacturing the electric curtain system. However, our chosen curtains may be not your best choice. Moreover, you could re-use your traditional curtains simply attaching them to our curtain tracks.
  3. Q: What is the maximum load?
    A: The maximum load is 25-30 kg depends on the models, so it suits for most home and office windows.
  4. Q: Is it easy to assemble? Can I install myself?
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Troubleshooting: Why my remote does not work any more?

Question: My remote worked well for quite a long time, why it does not work all a sudden?

The remote for electric curtain tracks and electric roller blinds are designed for long durance operation in indoor use. There will be a few different reasons why it stops working.

1.The battery is flat after a long period;
Reason: The current battery runs out. Sometime even you did not use it, the buttons might be pressed by various reasons, for example, it has been put under a heavy books.

Solution: Please replace the battery.

2.The remote is switched to control a different channel;
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